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That Thing Called Swing

The "swing years" -- what a time for musicians to express themselves during the jazz era! I was fascinated with the music -- the interpretations of the songs, the creativity, the style and energy that went into that mysterious thing called "swing".


My love of swing music paved the way for me to create melodies. I could never copy the great composer's work, because I would not know how. Music comes from the heart and soul. You can feel it and live it, but the entire process beyond creating the compositions remains a mystery to me.


photo1 of Betty

I decided I needed more than just a few melody notes to make a song. I found a great chord instructor who helped me learn how to create lead sheets. From there, it was up to the arrangers, performers and publicists to take my compositions to the next level.


Besides my music, I live a full satisfying life. I grew up on a farm, graduated from the University of Nebraska at Lincoln, and taught school for a number of years. I was married to a wonderful man, Arnold, who passed away in 2001, and he left me a lifetime of lasting memories. My three children have been most supportive, and I am proud of my four grandchildren.